I don’t think I’d be shoving it around like that….

| February 26, 2016

It looks like there’s some robot hazing going on!  Boston Dynamics is putting it’s latest version of their humanoid-ish Atlas robot though it’s paces.  They recently release a video where they’re show the robot picking up and storing boxes as well as walking through the snow.  Atlas is able to catch itself (most of the time) if it slips, even in odd terrain.  One of his frat brothers starts picking on him by knocking boxes out of his hands.  Atlas kept his composure but eventually had enough and walked out the door.  I’m sure if he had fingers, the bearded one would have received a “single finger salute”.  Check out the pictures and video links below.  The progress being made on the front is very impressive.  [quietly whispers – Skynet]

Atlas robot says take this job and shove it!

Atlas robot - being hazed

Atlas robot – being hazed

Altas robot is attacked

Altas robot is attacked

Atlas Robot - I'm out of here

Atlas Robot – I’m out of here

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