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| September 22, 2014

A new Kickstarter project launched today for the 5AXISMAKER multi-fabricator.  What is a 5 axis CNC you say?  It’s basically the holy grail of CNC machining.  The 5 axis CNC machine can access 5 side of the part being machined which means most parts can be produced in one setup with no need to re-position the work-piece and potentiality introduce error to the parts measurements. The 5AXISMAKER is more than a 5 axis CNC though.  They have a touch prob for measuring objects, a hot wire for cutting Styrofoam, a 3d printer head for 3d printing and a bracket for additional tools.  They also mention a waterjet head.  It’s a pretty sweet setup if you ask me.  CNC is near and dear to my heart but I won’t be able to join in this journey at the entry  level $7350 USD price.  I wish them much success as it looks like a great project.  Hit the links for the Kickstarter page and videos.

5AXISMAKER Multi-Fabricator







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David Burrell is a lifelong inventor and creator. He invented the LoopAlien rapid cord attachment device (www.LoopAlien.com) that was successfully launched on Kickstarter.com in 2013. He enjoys all things technical and mechanical. David has made several CNC machines and is presently working on a system that will help others do the same. He shares his CNC adventures on YouTube (Neo7CNC) and on the web (www.Neo7CNC.com) - “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” - Alan Kay

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