Caught My Eye – Interesting Kickstarter projects – Week 1 of 2014

| January 3, 2014

Here is a new 3d SLA printer that’s on Kickstarter now.  It’s already hit (and blown past) it’s funding goal of $100,000.  You have to love the detail in the prints.  This is very much like the hugely successful Form 1 3d printer that was on Kickstarter in 2012.  The Form 1 brought in nearly 3 million in pledges.  We’ll see how the Pegasus Touch fairs.  I am curious if there are any legal issues with the similarity of the units.  Hit the link to see the Pegasus in action.

Pegasus Touch: 3d SLA printer on


Alright, this one caught my eye primarily because this project is coming out of Charleston, SC, one of my favorite places in my great state of South Carolina.  After looking at the project, it’s a great idea.  It’s a new electric, tankless hot water solution that saves electricity AND water.  Check it out



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