Caught My Eye – Interesting Kickstarter projects – Week 50 of 2013

| December 13, 2013

As a Kickstarter alumni, I’m always look for new and interesting Kickstarter projects.  Here are a few that caught my eye this week.

The MOVE – Mini Bolt Action Everyday Carry Pen  I love the design of this pen.  It’s so small and compact.  I’m that guy that never has a pen when he needs one.  I’m looking forward to getting one so I won’t be “that guy” anymore.

The MyLifter lets you effortlessly lift bikes, canoes, luggage racks and more to store them up and out of the way. I like this project because it is well put together.  It is a great combination of design and function.  It also allows you to pair multiple units and have them act as one.

The Robocular lets you 3D scan any object that will fit in it to capture it as a digital model.  The resolution looks great and as a fan of 3D printing, a good 3D scanner would be a great addition to your designing and prototyping dreams!

Lift your stuff

Lift your stuff


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